We left a flat calm Osterville at 07:00 today into a virtually flat calm Nantucket Sound. Tried to take advantage of the favorable conditions so ran at 18 kts till past Cuttyhunk, where wind & seas started to build and we slowed to 15 kts. We were hoping to make Noank, Connecticut today but turned in at Newport, Rhode Island after 64 miles when conditions rather suddenly deteriorated. We’re on a mooring now in pretty snotty conditions.
Forecast for tomorrow is WNW winds so hopefully we’ll be able to hug the Connecticut

coast and get some more serious miles in.


Anchored in Osterville

Well, the 1st day of our trip was a bit of a disappointment, as we got a late start for a variety of reasons and by the time we got underway (4:15) it had gotten both windier and rougher than we liked.  We gave it a good try but after only 7 miles we were pounding hard and taking heavy spray over the bridge so we ducked into Osterville (sadly, the next harbor from Hyannis) and anchored in the mooring field.  Disappointing,  but the right thing to do. It’s flat calm in here so we’ll get a good night’s sleep and get an early start tomorrow20181014_173510.  The forecast is for a windy couple of days coming up so we’ll just have to see how it goes.

Getting ready

cropped-jun-18-on-the-mooringThe boat is almost ready, although of course there are still projects to do as well as stocking food & clothes, etc. on board.  But in a little over a day we’ll cast off lines and head south…well, west for a couple of days, then south.  The plan is to take our time – 4-6 weeks – and go from our home port of Hyannis, down the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) to somewhere on the east coast of Florida.  I’ll try to post every day, including texts and descriptions of our experiences.  We’ve been planning this for a long time, and I’m really psyched to get going.  Wish us luck!