Cocoa Village, Florida


There’s really not much to write about today’s short jaunt down the ICW to Cocoa Village Marina in Cocoa Village, FL.  The trip was nice but uneventful, although the scenery was nothing we haven’t been seeing for the past few days.  But the day was nice and sunny & warm, and it was great.  Before we committed to the marina we went under the highway bridge that goes over to Cocoa Beach, where the chart shows an anchorage and a town dock.  We had read that the town dock had been wrecked in hurricane Matthew last year and had not yet been rebuilt – including the dinghy dock – and we wanted to see for ourselves.  We would have anchored instead of taking a slip if possible, but yet again no dinghy dock means no shore access, in which case we’d skip the anchoring.  We perused the corner of the harbor where the town dock used to be and, sure enough: no dock and no dinghy dock.  So I radioed the marina for a slip, went back under the bridge and arrived in a really nice, modern and well-appointed marina.  Several marinas we’d been in on this trip had advertised a “Captain’s Lounge,” and we’d found that most were either very basic – a desk and chair and a TV – or were an outright lie: no lounge.  There were notable exceptions like Liberty Landing in Jersey City and (surprisingly) Titusville Municipal, but this was the most comfortable and modern one yet.  It was Sunday and I actually got to watch the 2nd half of a football game – the first football I’ve seen since we left Cape Cod.

Unlike yesterday, Cocoa Village is a very cute, busy and lively downtown full of shops, bars and restaurants within about a 5 square block area immediately outside of the marina.  The marina is right next to the bridge to Cocoa Beach.  Right on the other side of the bridge, about 200 yards from the marina, is the village park where there was a VegFest going on.  We wandered around the festival for a while and found displays by organic farms, organic body lotions and soaps, vegetable-oriented jewelry and, my personal favorite: Tee shirts emblazoned with, “I don’t anything that poops!”, complete with a representation of a pile of poop.  Lovely…

So we left the veggie folks to do their thing and walked around town some more, eventually settling on places for a drink and dinner, then back to the boat for a nice, quiet and peaceful night.

Today:  17.1 nautical miles

Running total: 1,422.4 nautical miles


Author: compassroseontheicw

Carol and I are cruising from Cape Cod to Florida down the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway for the first time.

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