New Smyrna Beach, Florida


We knew today was going to be a very short one so we took our time getting up and going, including doing a little cleaning in the boat.  It was a beautiful day – a little warmer than yesterday but sunny and beautiful – and we were looking forward to some leisure time along the ICW.  Our goal was New Smyrna Beach, which neither of us had been to before but which the guide books talked up as a cute place with good anchorages right in town and a town dinghy dock.  We’ve been surprised how many places seem like a good place to stop but have no dinghy dock, and therefore no shore access for anchored boats.  Not everyone frequents marinas, both because of the cost and because they prefer the quiet and solitude of anchoring out, but if you can’t get ashore you can’t support the local economy, so it seems to me to be penny wise but pound foolish for the town or city not to invest in a dinghy dock.  Just one man’s opinion…

But anyway, the ride down the waterway today was enjoyable, with more wide vistas and bigger, wide bays alongside the ICW and lots more dolphins.  There wasn’t much boat traffic so we didn’t have to deal with too many local boaters, who are not always courteous to obvious transients like us.  We got to New Smyrna Beach in about 2 hours and anchored in Sheephead Cut, right across from the downtown.  There were a half dozen other boats in the anchorage but only 1 with people on it, so we kind of had the place to ourselves.  We dinghied ashore to the town dock and walked around the very cute and vibrant downtown, then stopped for a cocktail ($5 Margueritas all day!) that turned into dinner, as well.  It gets dark before 6:00 here and it was well after that when we got back to the dinghy, but we had only about ¼ mile to go to get out to the boat, so that was no problem.  We’ve found that there’s very little boat traffic on the ICW after dark.

Only a couple more days before we get to Cape Canaveral, and I’m ambivalent…

Today: 13.6 nautical miles

Running total: 1,377.0 nautical miles


Author: compassroseontheicw

Carol and I are cruising from Cape Cod to Florida down the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway for the first time.

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